Verify Your Users in Seconds with Biometric Authentication

Instantly authenticate and verify users with Passbase biometric authentication technology. Match a person’s face to identity documents and a selfie video.

Biometric Authentication

Why you should use biometric authentication

Provide Enhanced Security

Passbase’s liveness detection presents a strong solution to counter risk and fraud by determining whether the source of a biometric sample is a live human being or a fake representation. This is accomplished through algorithms that analyze data collected from biometric sensors to determine whether the source is live or reproduced.

Easily Authenticate Later

With biometric authentication you can verify returning users faster and speed up account recovery, age verification and more. Once a user has run through the identity verification process during their initial sign up, their document and biometric information is securely stored and then accessed again as requested. A quick selfie is all it takes for them to be verified again.

Improve Conversion Rates

The more steps there are in your verification flow, the more time-consuming it gets for the customer and the more likely they are to drop off. Using biometric authentication solves the customer retention challenge by authenticating the true identity of the user in a couple of seconds, making the process quick, seamless and accurate.

Here’s how you can verify and onboard new users faster with bank-level confidence 

Demo Video 
Watch how Passbase works in just 1 minute!

Need one solution to manage all identity verification needs? 

Passbase provides a complete suite of user and document verification tools as well as an AML compliance solution to make your onboarding as secure as possible and help you beat fraud and fulfil compliance requirements . 

Liveness Detection 

Ensure that the person behind a transaction is a live person and not someone using a static picture. 

AML Compliance 

Complete AML, PEPs and Adverse Media screening to enhance your compliance requirements. 

Age Verification 

The Passbase system provides an automation system to automatically let users pass or not by set rules 

ID Authenticity 

With a database of over 6000 documents, we help you determine if a submitted ID is authentic and belongs to a user. 

“Partnering with Passbase helps us provide a fully digital and frictionless onboarding experience.

Their interface is easy to navigate for our users and their platform helps our team reach
decisions very quickly and intuitively”  

Magdalena Wierzbicka

Head of Partner Growth AppJobs: Biggest on-demand employment community in the world  

Comprehensive data 

Receive the data you need about the verifications including the assessment metrics and details. 

Continuous updates 

Stay up-to-date by receiving notifications via a webhook whenever there is a new activity associated with your integration. 

On-demand API 

Don’t worry about storing personal information and deliver a seamless experience by retrieving the data only when you need it. 

Simple API structure
with great documentation 

Our documentation was written for developers to help them implement identity verification as easily as possible. In addition, we offer integrations for web (Javascript), iOS (Swift) and Android (Java & Kotlin). 


Built to support
every product stack 

Natively integrate identity verification into your solution  on web, mobile or in your checkout flow. 

Configure a solution that’s right for you 

Use flexible customizations and optional features to enhance the quality and user experience of each verification. 

Re-create your branding 

Adapt the colors and font of the verification flow to maintain your corporate identity. 

Add or remove steps for users 

Enable additional document checks (e.g. proof of address) depending on your regulatory requirements.

Offer easier verification options

Send an SMS or a direct link in the style of[company] to help users verify more conveniently. 

Try Passbase today and discover why leading companies are using our identity verification solution. What’s stopping you? 

Discover identity verification from Passbase and get the first 50 verifications on us. No credit card required. 


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